Whey Powder

Nature offers us countless blessings. In fact, humankind fictionalize technology as part of their lives by make the most of opportunities or be inspired by them. In this issue of our magazine, Asst. Assoc. Dr. Beyza Ulusoy Sozen, shared information on the use of whey and whey powder, described as a natural wonder, in the food industry …

Asst. Assoc. Dr. Beyza Ulusoy Sozen / Istanbul Bilgi University, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

Nature offers us some gifts, but seeing our share of gift and its use is left to us …

Several important factors in daily life, technology, within the scope of the needs of the industry await us as a packaged gift in the secret garden of the nature. 


Discovering that whey is a gift to the mankind by contributing to the health, technology and industry rather than being an environmental pollution by utilizing it as a by-product instead of releasing it to the nature as a waste is the best example in this regard.

I would like to explain what I mean in detail and I am sure you will agree with me on this issue …

Whey is the liquid remaining after making cheese from an animal's milk and whey powder (PAST) is the pulverization of this liquid with heat treatments. 90 kg of 100 kg milk processed for cheese form whey and this kind of wastewater is released to the nature as the most contaminant source if we do not choose to use this liquid to our benefit. Whey contains significant portion of milk sugar as well as protein, vitamins and minerals. In this context, it is a very valuable liquid in terms of technological benefits and nutritional value.

I want to add a little magazinish information in brackets. It is rumored that Cleopatra, one of history's most beautiful women, had milk bath to maintain her beauty, however, some historical sources claim that it was not milk, it was whey.

I am going to mention the nutritional value and health contributions of whey at the end of my article. At the same time, there are some outstanding points that come to the fore on the use of whey powder in technology. Many small businesses, in order to utilize the whey, obtain curd cheese by boiling this water. However, the entire benefit would not be provided with this method. After the curd collection process carried out by the small businesses, waste water occurs again, therefore the pollutant effect cannot be resolved. In the process of pulverization, waste water does not form as the water is completely evaporated and therefore waste water does not generate and it does not pollute the environment. In European countries, especially the Netherlands, Italy and France, countries have understood the value of whey, drying has already passed the stage of assessment in various ways. In our country, investments necessary to have the contribution of whey to the industry effectively and intensively shall be supported.

 Although the importance of whey powder was discovered late in the food industry, it began to be used in a number of fields within the food industry once its nutritional and functional value has been discovered. Whey powder is used as filling material for products such as confectionery, bakery products, baby foods, meat products, soups, sauces, drinks and as animal feed by replacing milk such as calf feed.    In many countries, it has been used as whey protein alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage within the beverage industry by adding fruit flavors. In addition, whey champagne are produced by adding and bottling sucrose and caramelized sugar, yeast, fruit aroma and water to it and keeping it fermented for 8 - 12 hours in 18 °C.

In addition, specially processed whey is used in the manufacture of chocolate and ice cream. Body builders prefer the whey powder as it mixes with blood more quickly compared to other protein drinks especially due to the rapid feeding of athletes and whey powder as it increases the secretion of growth hormone. We also see the name of whey powder in almost all of the confectionery products and bakery products as it is not limited with its use in the food industry.

Whey is also used in the production of high in fat creams, mayonnaise, spreadable cream cheeses, meat products and salad dressings. It is also preferred as thickener in foods such as creamed soups, meat sauces, sausages and other similar products. Its name is often mention in the production of candies and sweet types, cake and chocolate and other similar sugary foods due to its technological benefits.

Whey powder is also added to cakes, biscuits and cookies in different amounts instead of skimmed milk powder due to the high amounts of lactose it contains. Whey proteins are preferred in the production of food for babies because of its reported health benefits and high nutritional value. It is also among the information that it is used to improve the structure-processed cheeses, improve efficiency of cheddar cheese and have water-binding feature in yogurt making…

Whey has been discovered as an ingredient in the manufacture of bread in recent years. 2% of whey use in the making of bread has been reported to have a positive impact on the exterior and interior features of the bread. Whey powder increases the nutritional value of bread and ensures that crumb structure is thin and of high quality.

Storage conditions are cool, dry, odorless, 10 - 450 ° C and 12 months if in contact with relative humidity of 65%. I would like to summarize the benefits of this value in human health as put forward with the scientific studies. There are many benefits in terms of health supported by scientific research. It is a frequently used substance name within the pharmaceutical industries as it strengthens the immune system and inhibits the growth of prostate. Also whey balances the sugar levels in patients with diabetes mellitus type 2 and therefore it is used for this purpose in pharmaceutics. In addition, it has been reported that whey proteins showed a protective effect against cancer and weakened the protective layer around the cancerous cells during chemotherapy and strengthened the healthy cells.

It plays a protective role against cardiovascular diseases and it is extremely effective in muscle and bone development. It is especially used as supportive against myolysis based on inactivity of the elderly and for athletes.

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